$DAWGZ Distribution

420,000,000 Future Staking Reserve

300,000,000 Degen Dawgz Staking

250,000,000 Liquidity, Utility, & Burning

26,000,000 Developers

2,500,000 $BONES Collector & Tycoon Tigerz

1,400,000 Degen Dawgz Minters

100,000 Cyber Dawgz Minters

  • 42% of the $DAWGZ supply will be held in the Future Staking Reserve. This is for future $DAWGZ earning collections or collaborations with other projects. Degen Estates will be an addition to our ecosystem which will have properties earning 5,10,15 $DAWGZ when staked.

  • 30% of the $DAWGZ supply will distributed to Degen Dawgz holders through staking. Degen Dawgz earn 25 $DAWGZ daily and adding Cyber Dawgz can increase the daily yield up to 50 $DAWGZ daily.

  • 25% of the $DAWGZ supply will be used for the Liquidity Pool, partnerships, giveaways, and strategic $DWAGZ burning

  • 2.6% of the $DAWGZ supply will reserved for Founders, Team, Moderators, and Advisors

  • 0.25% of the $DAWGZ supply will be airdropped to the collections "$BONES Collector" and "Tycoon Tigerz". $BONES Collector will earn 100 $DAWGZ weekly and Tycoon Tigerz will earn 50 $DAWGZ weekly

  • 0.14% of the $DAWGZ supply will be airdropped to Degen Dawgz minters. (280 $DAWGZ per mint)

  • 0.01% of the $DAWGZ supply will be airdropped to Cyber Dawgz minters. (180 $DAWGZ per mint)