Stake & Earn $DAWGZ │ Boost yield with Cyber Dawgz & Estates│Use $DAWGZ to Bid on NFTs

Degen Dawgz Roadmap 2.0

PHASE ONE: Cyber Dawgz / Staking V1

Mint Date: May 15th

Mint Cost: .55 SOL

NFT Supply: 555

  • Cyber Dawgz will each generate 50 $DAWGZ/Day when staked

  • First NFT Auctions will take place using $DAWGZ to bid

PHASE TWO: Degen Dawgz / Staking V2

Mint Supply: ???

Mint Cost: ???

  • Degen Dawgz will each generate 25 $DAWGZ/Day when staked

  • Cyber Dawgz will serve as a yield multiplier

1 Cyber Dawgz 1.3x the $DAWGZ

2 Cyber Dawgz 1.5x the $DAWGZ

3 Cyber Dawgz 1.7x the $DAWGZ

4 Cyber Dawgz 1.9x the $DAWGZ

5 Cyber Dawgz 2.2x the $DAWGZ

6 Cyber Dawgz 2.5x the $DAWGZ

PHASE THREE: Launch Auction House

80% of the Mint Proceeds will be used to Purchase NFTs for the Degen Dawgz Auction House, 10% for the $DAWGZ Liquidity Pool, and 10% for Developers/Project Expansion

The Degen Dawgz Community will vote on what projects they'd like to see in the Auction House. Every week at least 3 NFTs will be purchased and placed for Auction. Projects such as Bohemia, Cets on Creck, etc. will be available to Bid on using $DAWGZ!

  • Auctions will last for 1 Week

  • Bids will be in increments of 10 $DAWGZ

  • Auction House NFTs will range in value from 1 to 50◎

  • Degen Dawgz Auction House uses $DAWGZ as payment

  • $DAWGZ used to buy NFTs from the Auction House will be burned!

Owning 5 Degen Dawgz gives you access to Degen Dawgz Estates. Boost your daily $DAWGZ yield even more by building a property for your Dawgz.

There are three Property types, each with varying $DAWGZ production:

Dawg Crate, Dawg House, & Dawg Mansion

PHASE FOUR: Degen Dawgz Estates

Dawg Crate - Boost $DAWGZ yield by 25%

  • Lock up your Dawgz for 2 weekS

  • Price: 5,000 $DAWGZ

  • Supply: 500

Dawg House - Boost $DAWGZ yield by 50%

  • Lock up your Dawgz for 4 weeks

  • Price: 7,500 $DAWGZ

  • Supply: 300

Dawg Mansion - Boost $DAWGZ yield by 100%

  • Lock up your Dawgz for 6 weeks

  • Price: 10,000 $DAWGZ

  • Supply: 50

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